Coway BA-16 Pottery Sterilization Bidet

SKU: BA-16

Sterilization of toilet bowl ends concerns about hygienic issues of bathroom


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These microbes breed in the toilet bowl and contaminate the air after flushing. To prevent this, the BAS-16 bidet sterilizes microbes to provide a hygienic and clean washroom environment.

The toilet bowl can easily be sterilized without any chemicals by sterilizing water created with just water itself.


The newly applied nozzle door protects the nozzle part that the most frequently exposed to contaminants.

The removable nozzle duct and door can easily be replaced and cleaned in a single touch.

The hardened stainless steel prevents bacterial contamination and foreign matters from building up.

The nozzle automatically creates a spray to ensure its cleanliness before using the bidet.

An air pump injects bubbles into the water stream for softer, gentler feel.

With just one touch, users can remove and replace the bidet for easy cleaning. Universal hinges attach the bidet during installation and include a one-touch hinge for convenient installation and separation.



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